Best Locations PUBG

Top locations PUBG – PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds

There is no better location in PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds. Your choice should depend on your level of play, your knowledge of the map and the strategy you want to follow during the game. So we explain how are the most popular locations for you to decide for yourself:

Georgopol is a large city divided by a river northwest of the map. The northern part of the city offers many apartments to explore, the best are those that can be entered from the roof. The southern area offers a decent amount of treasures at a better risk. The southern hospital of the city can give us any type of object, although it is somewhat random. And having a vehicular spawn next door is an attractive area, especially falling on the roof, from where we have good visibility. To the southeast we will find several stores that are easy to explore. Although if we find ourselves an enemy, the combat will be close.

If we want to take the zone, there is a metallic signal from which we can control the whole base. Also, very close we have a few spawn points for weapons. Although this strategy may be something already seen and not easy to carry out


An alternative is to go to the three apartment buildings in the central area of ​​the base. We can access several of them from the roof and get some assault rifle.