Best Flying Machine Decks in Clash Royale

Best Flying Machine Decks in Clash Royale

It is a multipurpose card that is sure to fit perfectly in a large number of decks. It is a kind of musketeer, but flying and faster. It has something less of life, but in general lines we could say that it is a great card to counterattack and not as defensive as its terrestrial neighbor

How to play with Flying Machine in Clash Royale?

It is a cannon that travels by air and causes unique damage with its impacts, a special rarity card that can attack both land and air enemies

  • Damage per second: 81 at level 1 and 207 at level 11
  • Damage: 81 at level 1 and 207 at level 11
  • Life: 290 at level 1 and 742 at level 5
  • Range: 6
  • Fast speed
  • Cost: 4 elixir

We could say that it is a flying mosque. The type and amount of damage it causes is very similar (10% less DPS), as well as the cost of elixir and scope. Although the musketeer has more life (50% more), but the flying machine is faster and goes by air, so it does not have as many counters as the musketeer. So we could say that it is a worse card in defense, but more multipurpose, since it adds more easily to the attack.

It does not seem like a letter that will alter the goal, but it can be used for a lot of decks, just like it happens with the musketeer. Only this time will give them a more offensive nuance than the one offered by the terrestrial chart. We all know that when the musketeer arrives at the towers is a problem for the rival, because the flying machine should be able to arrive more easily.

Best Flying Machine Decks in Clash Royale

These are the best decks with Flying Machine in Clash Royale:

Deck 1: Ice golem – Bats – Miner – Fireball – Flying machine – Minipekka – Globe – Download

It is inexpensive to cost, of 3.3 elixir. And it is a deck based on which the flying machine makes the cover to the balloon

The clearest attack is the miner tanking the arrival of the balloon with the cover of the flying machine. Cheap spells to defend or clear, defensive cards like bats or ice golem, and a minipekka that can serve as antitank or to join the attack taking advantage of the tank of the main combo

Deck 2: Download – Miner – Electric magician – Poison – Bandit – Flying Machine – Mega Knight – Bats

It is normal, of 3.6 of elixir. And it’s a deck with several attack combos.

A very complete and offensive deck in which the flying machine plays a somewhat more defensive role. But he will have many opportunities to join the attack when the rival is entertained by the Mega Knight, the Minero + Poison, or the bandit itself. If we can defend with the Electric Magician and the Flying Machine, any subsequent attacks will be greatly reinforced.

Deck 3: Giant – Mega Knight – Electric magician – Bandit – Collector – Flying machine – Arrows – Download.

It is expensive, of 4.3 of elixir, and is a harvester-based harvester

The main combo is Gigante + Mega Caballero, so ideally we should plant some harvester. The flying machine, along with the electric magician and the bandit is one of the letters that must support the advance of the tank combo, counting with arrows and a discharge as a priori defensive spells.

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