Beginner Decks Clash Royale

Beginner Decks Clash Royale

Whether you’re starting to play, or you’ve never hit sand 8, you may think you’re missing a lot of unlockable cards and you can not get a decent deck. So we hope to make you change your mind.

Nor do we mean to say that it does not have its advantages to be in high arenas. But in the first place, you play against people of your same level and with very similar cards, secondly the legendary are only really easier to get from sand 10, and in the third, many people win championships using decks that can be to do in sand 4.

So the key is not in the cards you have, but in the level to which you raise them.

We are going to give you some examples of very good decks that you can do from sand 4 to sand 7. But before we show you a deck that is used a lot in all the sands and you probably already have all the cards:

Giant – Montapuercos – Skeletons – Mosquetera – Unload – Trunk – Minions – Fireball

What does this deck have? What is very easy to play, very cheap elixir, and the cards are very easy to level up.

It costs 3.1 elixir and has a legendary, trunk. But you can change it by arrows, which in fact are better now, and do not just make the deck more expensive. Moreover, the most complicated is the discharge, which is achieved in sand 5.

It has an attack combo that is used in all the sands (Giant first, Montapuercos behind, and Mosquetera the last one), letters that ciclan fast, air defense, terrestrial defense, a strong spell, has of everything

We leave you several options that work really well between sand 4 and sand 7:

Maces for Arena 4

We begin decks for beginner in Clash Royale in Arena 4. Since it is not very complex to arrive and already can be made good combinations.

You can make tank decks (Giant, Giant Skeleton and Pekka), fast decks (Barrel of Elves and Montapuercos), prince decks or even balloon decks.

Maces for Arena 5

In arena 5 all non-legendary go well in almost any deck. Probably the download and the magician are the most used. But the poison, the furnace and the spirits are also widely used

Arena 6 Decks

In sand 6 come letters that can change our style completely. Like the tank with more life of the game (Golem), the only spell that displaces (tornado), a building that gains elixir (Recolector), and the second building that also can attack buildings (Mortar). Although it may be that to play with any of these four cards, you still lack the ones that best accompany them.

In Arena 7 you have two cards that go well in almost any deck (MegaBoard and Dark Prince), and very unbalancing cards but do not combine with everything (Triple Mosque, Elite Barbarians and Noble Giant)