Art of Conquest Troops

Art of Conquest troops

We will explain the operation of all the troops of Art of Conquest or units, so much for what you know when to use each one and when they deserve the worth so that it helps you when choosing your race:

Troops of Art of Conquest – Advice

We recommend that you never use two types of troops that consume the same resource. It will cost much more to raise them level and the key of the troops is in improving them. So we will analyze the troops of each race according to the resource they consume and compare them with the other troop that consumes the same resource (Mithril, Ruby or Crystal)

Troops of Art of Conquest – Human Race

Our recommendation is to focus on Infantry, Knights and Archers or Priestesses


Lancers : It is a very strong unit at the beginning and does not need improvement. It is also ideal for large units such as cavalry.

Infantry : If you are human you have to get the hero Varion. And what Varion improves to this unit is a real barbarity.

They may not go so well at first, but because of Varion’s improvements, we strongly recommend infantry .


Gentlemen : It is the most unbalanced unit of the humans in attack. So the explanations are enough, if you want to conquer, you have to use the cavalry.

Siege machines : They are the same in any race, and the truth is that in no case are worth it.

In this case there is no doubt: gentlemen .


Archers : It is the most unbalanced unit of the humans in defense, although they can not be in front line. So overall it is the most reasonable option.

Priestesses : This unit greatly reinforces the attack of troops like knights. So that would be the choice if we want to be more offensive.

In this case depends on whether we want to be offensive, priestesses, or defensive, archers. The normal thing is to use archers as they make us more complete. But playing with peers may be of more interest, and some focus on defending while others on attacking.

Troops of Art of Conquest – Dwarf Race

Our recommendation is to focus on Merchs, Gunmen and Rocketeers. Although then you will see that the dwarves have a problem and is that the best troops share resources.


Merch : They are a complicated unit, and you have to learn to use it, placing it very well in battles, since among other things they can not be resurrected. But of course they are strong

Siege machines : They are the same in any race, and the truth is that in no case are worth it.

We chose the Merchants because simply sieving machines are not an option.


Tanks : A recently buffeted unit that really is doing quite well, although as a ruby ​​troupe we consider it to be worse than its competition. Since they work well from the rear as support troops.

Gunmen : They have also been recently buffeted. And although they do not defend very well if we think they are clearly above the Tanks in terms of utility

We believe that the Gunmen are far more useful on the battlefield.


Tecnhicians : It’s a great unit, best for melee in the game. The grief is that they consume the same resource as the Rocketeers, and the latter are really unbalanced.

Rocketeers : They are without doubt the best unit of the dwarves, very beasts attacking at a distance, tremendously destructive and with damage of area. So although the Technicians are a great unit, they are the choice

We believe Rocketeers are more important, even though technicians are a very good choice.

Troops of Art of Conquest – Breed Lich

Our recommendation is to focus on Scorpions, Mummies and Spiders.


Scorpions : They are one more beast unit of the game when it improves. It will take a while, but when they are near their maximum level, they are simply invincible.

Skeleton Mages : A good troop without more, but nothing to do with the scorpions

The Scorpions sent, without any doubt.


Mummies : Turn the corpses of defeated humanoids into skeletons. And they are also a good unit without this effect.

Skeletons : They are a large but very weak unit

No doubt the mummies are far above the skeletons.


Spiders : They are not a spectacular unit, although they are not bad to have them from a distance. But of course it is not a fundamental troop.

Siege machines : They are the same in any race, and the truth is that in no case are worth it.

We chose  Spiders , because simply siege machines are not an option.