Art of Conquest – Best races to Choose

Races guide at Art of Conquest – Which one to choose?

In this guide we will tell you the best races to choose on Art of Conquest. there are many things can affect the decisition to choose one race or another, so in this guide we will help you to choose the best races depends your way of playing.

which one to choose:

Heroes – which races to choose?

With heroes, depends what we choose, we will hve unique actions and abilities. So just take advantage of one of them the best fit with your way of playing.

Units in the game – which races to choose?

Not that it is decisive to choose race, but it is important to know it. The most effective for our troops is never to use two troops using the same resource. And all races have two troops that consume the same resources.

Human Troops

maybe is your first choice, and thre are some differents to choose of them. Its the first option, but we recommended you to choose the other next races to better playing.

Dwarf Units – which races to choose?

Dwarves are the strongest troops in the server’s early moments but has changed in the lastes days. In the long run they are weak, mainly to defend, and require a close an good ally, if possible a human with archers and good sword. That if, with a human ally, covering is possibly the strongest race on the ground, but you need always a accompanion.

Lich Units – which races to choose?

Lich troops are probably the strongest troops in  Game, although they take a long time to compete with the other two races so maybe is not the good option for a beginner player.

Map – You need to know first…

It will depends the area of the game and where you want to go, so we cna find stronger races than others. In the academy we have investigations that can make more strong our races, but only depends on the ground, so take it on advance.