Art of Conquest Guide

Art of Conquest Guide

Below we will review the main aspects of the game:

Art of Conquest Guide – Early Heroes

Just start we will have to choose between 3 heroes: Avalon, Avril or Rufio. Each one has its own abilities and we can only begin with the one that we choose, although later on we will also unlock the other two. But we summarize them so that they know which to choose:


He has abilities to support the archers he leads, also has a fairly useful ability against bosses and above all stands out as the natural leader. With this ability we can place additional units on the battlefield and increase troop capacity for bronze, silver and gold units. He also has a good ability to capture resources after the battle. So in general terms it is a good support hero but has more uses.


She is a mage with good control and damage skills. It will help us a lot when we have to deal with more powerful troops, although their skills require a lot of mana. Among them stands the ice wall that will leave the battlefield, or one with which it can directly freeze an entire battalion. So in general terms he is a hero to use against more powerful troops.


A very powerful hero that can get to multiply by 3 damage. Combining their abilities we can create tremendous damage in an area of ​​quite considerable effect. We could consider it a tank and probably it is to whom we should destine our skill points if we want to be more and more powerful.

Rufio is a long-term bet, while Avalon or Avril will help us more at first, but will end up being less useful. In any case they will be able to get many heroes and in parallel to the guide of Art of Conquest we will make a specific one about them.


Art of Conquest Guide – Improving Skills

We would simply recommend that you follow this order: First the main skill, then the ability to support, then the ability to control, and finally the DPS.

Although we would also recommend that you do not decompensate them much, and more or less have them balanced.

Art of Conquest Guide – Resources

It is the first thing to focus on, to ensure a good supply of resources.

Gold, wood and mana can be found at any time on the maps, and can also be produced in the castle. Initially we will need them to improve buildings and technology. But they should not worry much about them, they will end up getting a good supply.

Blood diamonds, Mithril and crystals are rare resources that we can not produce. We can only find them on the map or get open safes.

In general the recommendation on the resources we have mentioned is to have a good warehouse that protects them.

Other ways to get resources are to intercept the shipments of other players, and be aware of the store, where after refreshing, rare objects come out. Although they will not last long.

Art of Conquest Guide – Improving Buildings

If we already have the resources in order, we must focus on the buildings. Although the truth is that in this game the development of the castle is rather simpler than in others. So we simply have to dedicate to upload what we have available. For this it is important that we do not lack resources.

The ideal is to orchestrate everything around a type of technology. If we change our race, it will not affect us at the level of the buildings, but the level of the troops. But the technologies will define the resources that we will consume, so at this moment we will begin to specialize.

Art of Conquest Guide – Troops

This is one of the keys to the game. It is necessary to know well how each troop works, besides of course to raise them of level as soon as we can. And we must know them well because of how we put them on the battlefield will depend our success in combat. Regarding his position in the fight two issues:

Who is better against whom? The archers are strong before the lancers, the lancers before the cavalry, the cavalry before the infantry and the infantry before the archers. So there is not a better troop, the key is where to place them according to the disposition of the rival.

Who dies before? Those in the front line die before. So it is advisable to put low level troops. Since they will also be faster to cure in the hospital.


Having these two premises clear and knowing that they will have to adapt according to the enemy, a formation that almost always should work to them is:

  • Infantry : Swordsmen or whatever they have, with their shields placed in the front line will tank the rest of the troops as they are the best defend.
  • Lancers : If we have cavalry ahead (strong against infantry) we put them first, if not, behind the infantry.
  • Archers : If we have infantry in front, in third row, if not, in second
  • Cavalry : This may be our opinion, but unless there is infantry ahead, we would push them forward, we like to put them behind them all. Basically because they charge and end up arriving sooner. And this way the first impacts are not taken.
  • Heroes : Heroes that have some attacking ability that they need, must be advanced (second line). Since otherwise its rank will not reach the rivals.

Art of Conquest Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

Directly we leave you links to tutorials for each of the most frequent doubts:


Video: Art of Conquest Guide

Finally we leave a video of Worst F in Gamer. In it you can see a little more of Art of Conquest, and some tricks and tips.


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