Armor and weapons in Monster Hunter World

In this article you can read about Armor and weapons in Monster Hunter World. To arm yourself for the rising power of monsters in Monster Hunter World,you’ll need better and better armor . Collect body parts of slain monsters and have the armor pieces made by the blacksmith in Astera. All armor will give you different levels of defense and resistance that protect you against elements like fire, thunder, or ice. You should also equip your companion with new Palico armor , which we will show you later in the guide.

Armor and weapons in Monster Hunter World

We would like to show you all the armor in the game in the photo gallery and to discuss their special features. Some of them even offer you set bonuses when you ‘re wearing all the pieces of a specific armor. Below, we also explain the difference between low and high rank armor .

Armor and values ​​at a glance – Armor and weapons in Monster Hunter World

The blacksmith of Astera can forge new armor when you first find a specific material to make. As we have already advised you in our tips , you should therefore take care to always take as many resources as possible. Also kill smaller monsters and, for example, degrade all crystals and ores in the environment.

On every new hunt you should make sure that your armor has the required resistance to the target. This can decisively influence the outcome of the fight.The following picture gallery shows you all armor, their set bonuses and status values:

This is all the armor and their values ​​in Monster Hunter – World

All armor consists of five parts : headgear, breastplate, pants, gloves and boots.If you carry all five pieces of armor, the set bonus becomes active. Here is a list of the armor you can find in the picture gallery. Click on the link to get to the page:

  • Anjanath Set
  • Baan Set
  • Barno Set
  • Barroth Set
  • Brigade Set
  • Diablos Set
  • Gajau Set
  • Gastodon Set
  • Cast Set
  • High metal Set
  • Hornetaur Set
  • Hunter Set
  • Jagras Set
  • Jyuratodus Set
  • Kadachi Set
  • Kestodon Set
  • Chain Set
  • Bone Set
  • King Beetle Set
  • Kulu Set
  • Leather set
  • Legiana Set
  • Alloy Set
  • Odogaron Set
  • Paolumu Set
  • Pukei Set
  • Rathalos Set
  • Rathian Heart Set
  • Rathian Set
  • Butterfly Set
  • Shamos Set
  • Tzitzi Set
  • Vespoid Set
  • Zorah Set

Pictures and descriptions for the following sets will be added shortly:

  • Bazel Set
  • Damascus Set
  • Diablos Nero set
  • Doberman Set
  • Dodogama Set
  • Dragon King Set
  • Faux Felyne Set
  • Kaiser-Set
  • Kirin Set
  • Kushala Set
  • Lavasioth Set
  • Nergigante Set
  • Rathalosseelen Set
  • Skull Set
  • Strategist Set
  • Stench of death set
  • Uragaan Set
  • Vaal Hazak Set
  • Xeno’jiiva Set

If you have scrolled too fast: The photo gallery with all the armor can be found at the top of this post.

Palico armor for your furry companion – Armor and weapons in Monster Hunter World

Also your Palico should wear resistant armor sooner or later. The Palico armornot only looks very cute, but also ensures the survival of your faithful companion on the hunt.

We have collected all the sets in a separate photo gallery, so you can watch them here directly. Again you will find below a link list , which brings you directly to the desired image:

All Palico armor in Monster Hunter – World – Armor and weapons in Monster Hunter World

  • Anjanath set α
  • Baan set α
  • Barroth set α
  • Bazel set α
  • Daora set α
  • Diablos set α
  • Jagras set α
  • Jyuratodus set α
  • Kadachi set α
  • Kaiser set α
  • Kirin set α
  • Bone set α
  • Kulu set α
  • Lavasioth set α
  • Leather set α
  • Legiana set α
  • Alloy set α
  • Ladybug set α
  • Nergigante set α
  • Odogaron set α
  • Paolumu set α
  • Pukei set α
  • Rathian set α
  • Death set α
  • Uragaan set α
  • Vaal set α
  • Guardian Set
  • Xeno set α
  • Zorah set α

Below are descriptions of the resistances, so that you get to know strengths and weaknesses of all armor better and faster.

Resistances of armor materials – Armor and weapons in Monster Hunter World

If you know the resistances of the armor and materials , you will also be able to identify the weaknesses of the monsters faster. The bone armor, for example, protects you better against fire or thunder. Creatures that drop such materials will have similar resistances.

We’ve created a spreadsheet with materials and their resistances to help you memorize them.

materials resistances
leather Fire
Chain water
bone • Fire
• Bones
Hunter • Fire
• Water
Anjanath Fire
Pukei water
Kadachi thunder
Barroth thunder
high metal ice cream

Difference between high and low rank armor – Armor and weapons in Monster Hunter World

If you have spent a few hours in the New World and have already killed many monsters and completed quests, you will soon be able to make better versions of the usual armor . These are referred to as high-rank armor – you recognize them by the symbols α and β .

The appearance of the low and high-rank armor is no different, but you will be able to see the difference in the defense values. The improved values, however, also require rare materials that you have to farm with great difficulty.

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