Amnesia Guide How to Kill

Amnesia Guide – Tips and tricks for the noob

If you do not want to misbehave, we’ll help you with this Amnesia guide for terror novice

The September games of PlayStation Plus have decided to come with two rather large surprises. The first is a great game like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and the second is Amnesia Collection, the compilation of Amnesia: A Machine of Pigs and Amnesia: The Dark Descent for PS4 that comes to kill us with terror, unless we have a guide of Amnesia.

Today we will help you to survive your two nightmares with a few basic tips that will guide Amnesia, both for one and the other game, not without first saying goodbye with specific tips that will help you discover all the endings and be able to perform saved. Start the Amnesia guide.

Amnesia guide

Beginner Amnesia Guide

This time our main concern is not to be seen. All the creatures of the game will do everything possible to find us and finish us and that is why we should be smarter. One of the tips that will guide Amnesia is that you use the closets, the bottoms of the beds and the dark areas to hide.

Your best friend to survive is the light, but in Amnesia’s guide we remind you that enemies are sensitive to it and the more you expose yourself to it the more you will see. That is why we advise you not to abuse the candlestick, being a resource that you want to use in the dark areas but you must ration if you do not want to be seen.

Now, if you want to get all the endings of The Dark Descent, we review how to do it in the next section of the Amnesia guide. There are three possible paths: good end, bad end and final revenge. To get them all you must meet several requirements, we review.

Amnesia guide

Amnesia’s Guide The Dark Descent – All Endings

We started the Amnesia The Dark Descent guide to get all the finals with the bad end. To get it you have to wait for Alexander to open the portal and then enter it, this will suffice. If you want the good ending you also have to depend on Alexander, but you have to do something else.

In case you want the good ending you have to wait for Alexander to open the portal and then, instead of having him enter it, put Agrippa’s head inside. Finally, if you want the end of Revenge, in the guide of Amnesia The Dark Descent we recommend that you throw the three pillars that give energy to the portal.

In case you want a complete Amnesia The Dark Descent guide, you can go through the Steam community to know what to do in each chapter. Finally, if you want to be able to save at any time in Amnesia Machine of Pigs you have to go to “Documents \ Amnesia \ Pig \ Playername \ user_settings and open the text file and change the value of AllowQuickSave =” false “to AllowQuickSave = “true”.

Amnesia guide

Amnesia Guide – Survive

Finally, the final tip of the Amnesia guide is that you do not try to do away with the enemies. In this game, you will gain patience and stealth, so take advantage of the scenario, make it yours and make it difficult for the enemies to find you. We hope that with these tips you get the key to victory.