6 Signs Someone Is Lying

The way your nose grows when you lie, it’s not true. Increasingly hear of non verbal language and interpretation of gestures as tools to analyze which means thee behavior of people and if matches what they say or do.

This is not how you are going to notice or recognize the signs someone is lying. As Dr. Gwendolyn Seidman explains , in reality these kinds of behavioral assessments are based on hunches and intuitions about what we see.

However, the results of a recent study have shown that “a brief two-second glimpse of a photo of someone was enough for people to determine if they had had a violent past.”

After months of work with a group of university students who were shown various images of couples with the aim of analyzing possible infidelities of the same, the team of researchers concluded that “our ability to make these judgments inaccurate

Quickly, it is automatic and adaptive “and that truly just observing we are able to warn situations such as infidelity.

We can lie about 200 times a day . It’s a terrible but real statistic. Darren Stanton , a well-known human lie detector explains how to detect signs someone is lying, what they are telling us is not true.

Is lying bad for your health?

“Yes,” says Darren. In addition to the gestures, there are physiological symptoms such as changes in breathing, the rhythm of the heartbeat and temperature. Even the body of a compulsive liar shows signs (though not so obvious) by increasing adrenaline. The stress caused by this can also cause high blood pressure, anxiety, excessive sweating and rapid heartbeat.

signs someone is lying

Saying the truth improves both mental health and physical health, according to a study by the University of Notre Dame Anita E. Kelly , the study’s director, and her colleagues analyzed for ten weeks about 55 subjects who asked them to reduce their And found that people who reduced their tendency to tell lies were healthier, less tense and, above all, suffered less headaches and fewer problems with sore throat than the rest of the participants.

From childhood we have been instilled in the idea that we have to go with the truth ahead, but the truth is that the lie has always been present in the history of Humanity. Several studies by psychologist and researcher of emotions Paul Ekman conclude that, in general, women lie to protect another person, men to improve their image and children, to avoid punishment.

When you’ve metaphorically pulled the whole earth out of that hole, where do you put it? So you dig up others and when you want to figure it out you have 14 or 15 that you can not keep and you can not undo it anymore “Says the expert who assures that teens and millenials are the generations that do the most.

Only a third of them can spend a day without telling a lie. By the time you reach 60, more than 50% of men and women can remain honest for a whole day but the signs someone is lying is still there.

How to know it

1) Look at the posture as a signs someone is lying . Liars behave in a defensive manner. They try to protect themselves. Look if you bend your arms, touch your hair , nose or ear to cover your face. The distance to the one who does it is also important, maybe while lying end up at right angles to you moving unconsciously.

2) Look at the tone of your skin . “Blushing can be a clear sign that you are being cheated, as some people get red with the idea of ​​undergoing a scrutiny. Blood is pumped to other parts of the body when there is a stressful situation, so the lips Can change significantly color becoming paler or thinner, “says Darren.

3) Anchor Points : Look for a leg that moves too much, move the fingers of the hand or simply that your gaze is low. When someone lies, one of their feet can turn and point in another direction, it is a desire to escape from that situation.

4) Language : Think about President Clinton’s statements, “I had no relations with that woman” instead of directly referring to her. Someone who is being totally sincere is sharper. Darren would have said, “I did not have sex with Monica.”

5) Tone : Do you have a squeaky or excessively deep voice? Some insurance companies already use voice analysis programs to detect people who give false information. It measures tone changes that are too difficult to distinguish for the human ear and make it available to the fraud investigation department.

6) Too many details: when someone starts to give a lot of unnecessary and strange information. “The bank was closed, I was in a traffic jam, I met a friend from the university … With too much data and elements that are left over and making a spiral that can not be released.”

Common Lies and signs someone is lying

1) I am listening to you.

2) I am not angry.

3) I just had a drink.

4) I did not see your WhatsApp.

5) You’re not fat.

6) I have not skipped the diet .

7) I had an orgasm.

8) You do not have it small.

9) I do not look at the body.

10) I have not spent money.