BRILLIANT IDEAS YOU’VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE Check out crazy ideas that will totally change your life:
– Turn almost empty Nutella jar into a candle. Do not clean a jar, simply place paraffin or old candles inside and melt. Don’t forget about a wick, use a stick to attach the wick. Let cool and enjoy your scented chocolate candle
– Boil pomegranate skins and place a t-shirt inside. It’s a perfect way to naturally dye your clothes
– Have you ever tried to regrow vegetable scraps by yourself? Place them in water and wait
– You can easily make homemade jam from orange peels. Fill a pot with water and add the peels and sugar. Boil and stir. Pour into jars and let cool. Enjoy!
– Pistachios are one of the best snacks. If you have a lot of pistachio shells instead of throwing them away, you can create cool crafts from them. Sounds crazy? Watch our tutorial on how to make beautiful flowers out of pistachio shells. It will be a beautiful décor item for your home.
– Place rose petals in jar and cove with cosmetic oil. Boil for several minutes. Let cool. Natural moisturizing hand cream is ready
– Use sour milk to clean silver jewelry
– The next project will show you how to reuse eggshells in a very surprising way! Mix the eggshell powder with flour, water, and dye to make crayons Gardening season has started recently and we share cool ideas on how to easily grow different plants. Watch our video till the end if you dream about a big garden. You will learn how to grow watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, pumpkins and a lot more. TIMESTAMPS:
00:09 Nutella candle
00:51 How to regrow scarps
01:01 Homemade jam from orange peels
01:41 Crafts from pistachio shells
03:45 How to grow a watermelon —————————————————————————————-
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