BRILLIANT WAYS TO RELAX AFTER A DIFFICULT DAY If you are stressed out, watch our video and you will find a lot of satisfying moments. Enjoy this meditative video and share with your friends. Another way to relax is to choose a hobby you will like. Most people feel happier when they are working on hobbies. Besides, hobbies have a lot of health and physical benefits. Hobbies give you time to relax and reduce the level of stress. You don’t need to choose only one hobby; you can try a couple at the same time. Try the one you will really love. Also, you can have a common hobby with your friends and spend time with fun. You can try drawing as a hobby, there are a lot of drawing techniques. You may start learning fundamental painting techniques to become an artist. But who has time for it? We are ready to share easy drawing tutorials for pros and beginners. Let’s start with the palette painting. The only tool you will need is a palette knife that is rather cheap. Palette knife is a simple tool will help you to create beautiful pictures and amazing effects. Watch our video and find step by step tutorial on how to draw bamboo and a beautiful palm in seconds. One more easy drawing technique is Zentangle art. All the supplies you need is a pen and a small square of paper. Zentangle as a type of drawing that consists of a series of repetitive strokes — straight lines, curves, and dots. Watch our video and try to repeat the patterns we share! Use your imagination and decorate greeting cards for your friends. Don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel for more videos like this! TIMESTAMPS:
00:09 Satisfying moments 04:54 Drawing techniques
06:26 How to draw lips
08:25 Quick way to draw a bamboo —————————————————————————————-
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